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landed ‘back East’ again…for how long who knows? playing songs at the ‘uni’ next week, recording starts december 27th. ‘ahorsenamedglue’ site up sooner than you think (and what exactly do you think?!)

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good morning good people, here’s what i know! sandy mountain festival this saturday, full band, outside. handful of shows pending for july/august, more soon. a horse named glue site will be live/ambiguous come august. this site will go away. i will write new songs & record them in december. release of said songs will follow. [...]

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hello all, about 5 or 6 gigs left /w/ current incarnation…more info soon// j

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90′s as six going on seven 00′s as joshua english 2013-? a horse named glue

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hello all, finally got a sweet little pdx gig confirmed (3/8, secret society) this one will be a trio /w/ kip richardson on drums & larue todd on bass. both stellar gents (not to mention oregon music hall of fame inductees) other dates trickling in…shows back east in fall/winter…recording to follow. happy monday/xo j

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